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Rules of the league

  • The league is played in BO5 LHS
  • The account (Name # number) submitted during registration must be the same as the one used during the league.
  • Players submit 4 decks of different class.
  • You can change your decks every week.
  • The game mode is standard.
  • Players can not use a program to count cards (deck-trackers).
  • The default time is Sunday 8pm.

League proceedings

  • Players must add their opponents to their friends list on the client before starting a game.
  • You must send your 4 decklists to your opponent with the website and do your bans with
  • Deleted all decks that will not be used during your bo5.
  • If a player suspects his opponent of using different cards than he has submitted for the tournament, he must make a screenshot, complete the game normally and contact an administrator immediately.
  • A screenshot must be taken with each victory and must be kept until the end of the event.


  • If a player is disconnected more than 15 minutes during a game, a victory is automatically awarded to the other player. If due to a bug, it is impossible to resume the game after reconnection of the player, the game must be restarted.

  • If a player has a lethal on the game or in his hand at the time of a disconnection and that it is possible to prove it with a screenshot, the victory will be granted to him and the game will not have to be restarted.

  • If you think your opponent is voluntarily disconnecting, take a screenshot and contact an administrator immediately.