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Once registered in the league, you’ll have to keep tracks of some things. We created a Discord channel for the players so they can organize their matchup with their opponents. The Discord channel is the best way to interact with other players and the admins, so its important that you join it! Also, you may be chosen to be part of our Maple Matchs and have your games commented by our casters on our live stream, so be ready for that! Before you register, be sure that you can be present to our Top 8 LAN event located in the Montreal Esports studios because if you can’t, you won’t be in the Top 8.

Included in the season

8 Weeks of online play
1 Opponent per week
Final Top 8 LAN Event in Montreal
8 Featured matches
50+ Talented players
$1000 Prizepool guaranted
Register now for $40


21st of August
 End of Registration

22th of August
Season Begins

21th of October
  Season Ends

28th of October
Top 8 LAN Finals


WHY Maplestone and not HSQC again.

You may be wondering why we changed from HSQC to Maplestone and what it means for the future of the league. It’s really simple, we want to go big and appeal to a bigger pool of competitors. Don’t worry though, Maplestone has his roots in Quebec as our Casters accent will remind you. We are really lucky to have such a fantastic players base here in Quebec, but we feel the rest of Canada should have the chance to compete in our league.

Do you have questions before registering?