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The MapleStone League offer you the opportunity to play Hearthstone in a competitive environment against rising and already established players. If you’ve been crushing your friends and want to take the next step, search no more! During 8 weeks, once a week, you will have to bring your best strategies to defeat your opponent in a Conquest format. We also made a discord channel for everyone participating so you can easily setup your matchups, ask questions to any admin and, of course, exchange with other players!

Each week, we will stream on Twitch two matchs, we call this event our Maple Matchs. So you have the chance get your own games commented by our own casters, Raggok and Schto. It’s also always a great time where Hearthstone players gathers in the chatroom to spectate phenomenal top decks and missed lethal.

Weeks of competition
Opponent per week
Talented players
Arena at MTL Esports
Man Grand Final
Prizepool guaranted

Last champions

Last season, Pelletire managed to claim 400$, defend his crown and became our first double champion. This was a hard task because our season 3 champion, Gouletateur, insisted that he would take the crown back for himself. Throughout the season, players get more used to each other and then playtest and challenge together. All of this culminate in the final top 8 LAN event where the players puts everything on the line. It’s always a nice event with lots of high end competitive exchange about the meta and light-hearted discussions. It’s truly the place to see the Canadian hearthstone community in action.  With a total of over $3000 won by the participant in our League history, we look to raise the stakes with each passing season.

Season 5


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Season 2


Recap of the last season

The grand final Top 8

After a season full of hard fought games, the 8 best players will compete in a LAN environment. The MTL ESPORTS fantastic new studios will host the event and we will welcome all the players to join us on the official Twitch stream and spectate the finalist duel each other in a closed glass room, our own Hearthstone Arena if you wish. The top 8 LAN event is the culmination of 8 weeks of competitions and we want all the finalists to be present in Montréal and feel the pressure of a LAN event.

It’s a unique moment where lots of talented Hearthstone player can gather and exchange on their passion and truly participate in the community.

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